The Food

Chicken Wow
Hearty spicy chicken baked in a pita with a side of housemade tzatziki.
Price: $7

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Cheese Pies
Cheese and spices on a homemade crust.
Price: $4

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Review

The Golden Pita is a small, family run restaurant tucked into a strip mall in the shadow of Lougheed Mall (directly below Red Robin). We lived a block away from this restaurant for 6 years but sadly only tried it months before we moved. While they have tasty Lebanese favourites like donairs and plate combos filled with flavourful meat off the rotisserie, Saturdays offer special homemade treats like meat, thyme (Zaatar), and cheese pies (kind of like a Lebanese pizza).

I conveniently scheduled my teeth cleaning on a Saturday (my dentist is next door) so I could bring home a couple of cheese pies. They are made to order, and while I was waiting the “chicken wow” on the menu caught my eye. When I asked what it was (rotisserie chicken with spices baked in a pita) I quickly ordered one of those too. By the time I got home with our feast, I was past my fluoride waiting period and dove in to the food. The cheese on the pies is salty and the browning adds flavour, however it is usually better to eat the pies right away rather than waiting and taking them home.

The Chicken Wow was a little unusual, but was still very tasty. The pita was very crispy, yet the meat inside was tender and moist. The spices seemed to almost be “chopped” into the meat as it created an almost ground meat texture to it. The housemade Tzatziki was excellent and accompanied the Chicken Wow nicely.

Golden Pita also makes all of its own sauces and spreads, from its homemade Tzatziki and Humous, to its fabulous Hot Sauce. All of their sauces can be ordered in 3 different sizes. They also have different $10 specials for each weekday and an extensive catering menu with a lot of items that don’t show up on their restaurant menu. The family is great, very friendly and there is always a lot of regulars that pop in…which is always the sign of a quality place.

The Reviewers

B –  Chicken Wow & Cheese Pie
M –  Cheese Pie

Golden Pita Restaurant
9630 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC V3J 1M2
Tel: (604) 444-5855

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