Om Nom Nom Sandwiches – Italian Sandwich

The Food

Italian Sandwich Finocchiona, mortadella, soplessata, provolone, olive salad, pickled peppers, butterleaf lettuce, onion, tomato, pesto aioli on focaccia.
Price: $6.00

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The Review

At the A La Carte pod, there is a cart with a cute one eyed, horned monster painted on the side, serving up five different tasty sandwiches. We decided on their Italian Sandwich. As we all grabbed a quarter of sandwich, you could see the multiple layers of the different meats and cheese and the veggies looked fresh.

The meats were a good combination and full of flavour. The bread was soft and thin, allowing for the meat and cheese to take centre stage and the pesto aioli and olive salad gave the sandwich enough moisture. As a person who is not too fond of olives I found the olive salad subtle, so if you are expecting a “muffaletta” style sandwich you will be disappointed. The only downside of the sandwich was that most of the meat was humped up in the middle of the sandwich leaving only bread and veggies on the edge. This made the presentation of the cut sandwich nice but made me feel like I was missing out at the end.


B –  Italian Sandwich
M – Italian Sandwich
G – Italian Sandwich
S – Italian Sandwich

Om Nom Nom Sandwiches
4926 SE Division Blvd, Portland, OR 97206
Tel: (971) 269-7587

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Fon-due-It – Cheese & Bread and Fruit & Chocolate Fondue

The Food

Cheese & Bread – Cheese fondue with lemon and garlic served with garlic toasted french bread.
Price: $3.00

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Fruit & Chocolate fondue – Chocolate fondue with sliced Granny Smith apples and icing sugar dusted french bread.
Price: $3.00

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Review

Fondue was a New Year’s Eve staple for 8 years for us with a group of our friends. It is one of the most social eating experiences you can have. So when researching our Portland Food Tour, I was excited to see a fondue cart at the A La Carts pod. The small cart serves up variations of the cheese or chocolate fondue. Since we had a lot of food ahead of us but we wanted to try both kinds, we went with the smaller offerings of the cheese  and chocolate fondues.

The cheese fondue was served with toasted garlic french bread. The melted cheese was topped with a lemon garlic sauce.  This made the cheese amazingly light tasting and good depth of flavour. We couldn’t stop eating it. I wished I had gotten a bigger dish!

The melted chocolate tasted like it was a decent quality. Really smooth. It was great with the apples and (surprisingly) the icing sugared french bread.

This is a cart I definitely want to visit again on our next trip. I can’t believe we forgot to try their chocolate covered bacon!


B –  Cheese & Bread and Fruit & Chocolate Fondue
M –  Cheese & Bread and Fruit & Chocolate Fondue
G –  Cheese & Bread and Fruit & Chocolate Fondue
S –  Cheese & Bread and Fruit & Chocolate Fondue

Fon-due-It – Fast Fondue
4926 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97206
Tel:(503) 998-2872

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Bubba Bernie’s – Brisket Sandwich with Au Jus

The Food

Bubba Bernies Brisket

Brisket Sandwich with Au Jus – Carved smoked beef brisket on bun with au jus.
Price: $9.00

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Review

Cartopia was our first stop on our whirlwind tour of Portland’s food carts. Here at Bubba Bernie’s, we picked up a beef brisket sandwich to share. The sandwich had some weight to it, piled high with smoked brisket. Brisket can be very dry if not done properly. Our sandwich at Bubba Bernie’s had very juicy brisket that had a good smoked meat flavour. The bun was soft but was tough enough to hold together with the meat and the au jus.  Speaking of the au jus, it was a good compliment to the meat. We also tried out their BBQ sauce with the sandwich (not shown) and it was tangy with a good depth of flavour.


B –  Brisket Sandwich with Au Jus
M –  Brisket Sandwich with Au Jus
G – Brisket Sandwich with Au Jus
S – Brisket Sandwich with Au Jus

Bubba Bernie’s
SE 12th Ave & Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214

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Whiffies Fried Pies – Mac and Cheese Whiffie Pie & Mounds Whiffie Pie

The Food

Mac and Cheese Whiffie pie

Mac and Cheese Whiffie Pie – with Tillamook sharp cheddar and Gruyere.
Price: $4.00

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Mounds Whiffie pie

Mounds Whiffie Pie – coconut cream with chocolate chips
Price: $3.00

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

Easy to hold, Whiffie Pies are a meal in a handy grab and go pie shell. They have a variety of savory and sweet pies (and vegan too!). Each pie is fried when you order it, so there is always a bit of a wait even if there is no line. Then you have to wait for the pie to cool a bit (if you can) so you don’t burn your mouth (a foodie lifestyle hazard!).

The mac and cheese pie was exactly what you would expect, mac and cheese in a pie shell. The pie dough was cooked to a golden brown colour and was crispy and tender. The mac and cheese was average homemade mac and cheese and it felt like a little something else added to the mix would have made it awesome. Checking today’s menu online shows the cheese mix today to be Tillamook Sharp with Gorgonzola and it has peas or peas and bacon added to the pies. This sounds fantastic and we are disappointed to have missed these variations. Next time!

The mounds pie was the same pie crust as the mac and cheese one but filled with coconut cream and melted chocolate chips. Every bite was filled with coconut flavour and chocolate chips were evenly distributed. They have succeeded in emulating a mounds chocolate bar and making it even better. I might be a little biased because Mounds bars are one of my favourite chocolate bars but I loved this dessert.


B –  Mounds Pie, Mac and Cheese Pie
M –  Mounds Pie, Mac and Cheese Pie
G –  Mac and Cheese Pie
S –  Mac and Cheese Pie

Whiffie Pies
SE 12th and Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR
Tel: (503) 946-6544

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