The Food

Triple rib taster

Triple Rib Taster

Three pork ribs covered in BBQ sauce.
Price: $5.00

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

BBQ Sundae

Pulled Pork BBQ Sundae
Pulled pork layered with BBQ sauce, BBQ beans, Uptown slaw and topped with a pickle
Price: $5.00

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

The Review

Walking around Seaside, we were tempted to try some take-out BBQ from a side door of the larger McKeown’s Restaurant. Being BBQ connoisseurs, something called a “pulled pork sundae” especially caught our eye. Of course we couldn’t pass on trying their ribs as well. It was a little late in the day and unfortunately, the ribs had been left under heating lamps (and therefore kind of dried out), then were warmed up in the microwave (yikes!) and then slathered with sauce. The pulled pork sundae was made and then we headed outside in the sun to try out our fare.

The ribs were expectantly dried out, but the flavour that was there was alright and they did have a nice smoke ring. The BBQ sauce was better than store bought but nothing to write home about. Overall, they could have been good ribs, but the way in which they served them, made them a little underwhelming.

The pulled pork sundae had a lot of promise but fell flat because of one main issue. Instead of using a thicker BBQ baked bean, these ones were watery. Join that with a wet coleslaw and the whole thing ended up a soggy mess (see second photo). Every component of the sundae had a decent flavour so if they fix up the sogginess then this could be a killer walking around type food. In fact, it is something we might try once we get the smoker going for the season.


B –  Triple Rib Taster, Pulled Pork BBQ Sundae
M –  Triple Rib Taster, Pulled Pork BBQ Sundae

McKeown’s Smokin Rack Shack
724 Broadway, Seaside, OR, 97138
Tel: (503) 717-0276

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