Bluebird Microcreamery – Coconut Mint Chip Ice Cream

The Food

Bluebird Microcreamery - Coconut Mint Chip

Coconut Mint Chip – Made with coconut milk (vegan)
Price: $3.00 for one scoop

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

The Review

Now normally I shy away from anything that has “vegan” attached to it. Not that I have anything against vegans. I just find animal products to be tasty and so far I haven’t found a good substitute. So when I saw Coconut Mint Chip as one of the flavors at Bluebird Creamery I was excited and thought “Hey I like coconut and chocolate together. I wonder what that would taste like with mint?”  Then I saw (vegan) beside it and paused. This was my ice cream treat. Was I going to spoil it with something that lacks the main component in ice cream – the cream part? At this point I was so set on the flavour, I got it anyway.  On first taste I noticed it was icier than regular cream based ice cream but it definitely had a good coconut flavour and quality chocolate bits. The mint flavour was a bit overwhelming at first but mellowed out as I ate it. Would I go vegan again when it came to ice cream? I guess it would depend on how rich and creamy I wanted my ice cream. As far as flavour goes, this was a tasty treat!


M –  Coconut Mint Chip

Bluebird Microcreamery
3515 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103
Tel: (206) 588-1079

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Reverie BBQ – Sampler Plate for 1

The Food

Reverie BBQ - Sampler for 1

Sampler Plate for 1 – with pulled pork, pulled brisket, chicken, ribs, potato salad, hot slaw, baked beans, and cornbread.
Price $14.99

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Review

A few years ago we found ourselves stopping in Mt. Vernon doing some window shopping looking at travel trailers. We eventually came across a deal on a trailer we simply couldn’t pass up. While negotiating the deal a conversation about BBQ came up with the sales person. Several places were mentioned, some closed, some just opening up, and one that was just around the corner. It just so happens we couldn’t make it to the one around the corner that day but we said we would eventually get there. Two years later we finally have!

Reverie BBQ is an unassuming little joint tucked just out of the downtown area of Mt. Vernon. The décor is fairly simple with nice large tables to sit at, BBQ posters on the walls, painted windows, and country style curtains. But does décor really matter when it comes to BBQ? It’s all about the food!

We walked up to the counter and ordered the sampler plate for 2 and we were immediately asked if we were really hungry. It just so happens that we were not all that hungry at the time and was told then we should definitely order the sampler plate for 1 as it is quite large. Well, as you can see from the picture that was an understatement! Even the sampler plate for 1 was a tough struggle for both of us to get through!

The sampler plate came with 4 different meats, pulled pork, pulled brisket, chicken and ribs, and they didn’t skimp on the portions either. The plate also came with 4 sides as well, potato salad, hot slaw, baked beans, and cornbread. There was so much food that it had to come on 2 different plates! The first thing we noticed was how juicy all the meats were. In fact, I cannot remember ever having more juicy meat in a BBQ joint! Each table had several different sauces that could be put on the meats…most of the meats came au natural. Let me tell you the sauces were not really needed, the meat was that good.

The meat:

Pulled Pork –  Very juicy and tender, very nice pork flavour with a slight hint of smoke.
Pulled Brisket – Similar to the pork, in terms of being juicy and tender. Also just a slight hint of smoke, enough to tell it was there, but by no means overpowering at all.
Chicken – Not usually my favourite smoked meat, but chicken is starting to grow on me, and this chicken was good, very good. In fact, outside of the pork, it was probably my favourite, and even then it was only a close second.
Ribs – The ribs actually came on a side plate along with the cornbread, simply because the plate was so full there was no room for them. The ribs were decent. Juicy, and pulled clean from the bone without being mushy. I think my personal preference for ribs is to have a little more smoke, but others may like them the way they were.

The sides:

Potato Salad – Good homemade potato salad. Big pieces of perfectly cooked potato, large chunks of boiled egg, all tossed in what seemed to be a salad dressing type sauce (think Miracle Whip). When looking at the potato salad it looked like there may be a little too much sauce for our liking, but we were surprised to find that it was actually perfectly dressed.
Hot slaw –  This one we were wondering about since we originally read the menu. Was it actually served hot? We were wondering how it would not go soggy. Well, it turned out to be a typical cold coleslaw but with a little kick to it, which I believe came from horseradish. The slaw was good, but it wasn’t really “hot” per se. I am not a huge fan of horseradish, or slaw, so I could have done without it but I am sure others would love it.
Baked beans – Home made beans, very traditional Boston style, and very tasty. Nothing alarming or different, just good scratch made baked beans.
Cornbread –  Barely got to taste this as we were so full eating everything else, but felt it needed to be tried, especially when I love a good cornbread. This one was a pretty big piece, typical southern style served with some butter on the side. Not too moist, but not too dry, just the right amount so that the butter could easily melt into it.

Overall we would say this was pretty good BBQ. For the value, Reverie BBQ cannot be beat. The portions are simply massive, the meat tender and juicy, and everything seemed homemade. What more could you really want?

Ohhh, how about knowing that Reverie sells food all month so that it can provide free meals to those who need them on the last five nights of the month?? How about a restaurant that has won a humanitarian award from the Washington State Restaurant Association for its efforts to feed low-income and homeless residents? And what do you think they did with their prize money? Yup, bought fresh vegetables for the growing number of hungry people!

Now that really makes me want to go back. And I’ve heard their pulled pork sandwich is killer and their BBQ Sundae is pretty good too. I can’t wait to go back to try them!


M – Sampler Plate for 1 (shared)
B – Sampler Plate for 1 (shared)

Reverie BBQ
1300 South 2nd Street  Mt. Vernon, WA 98273
Tel: 360.419.8227


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Pie – Mac and Cheese w/Peas Pie, Key Lime Pie, Coconut Cream Pie

The Food

Mac and Cheese Pie

Mac and Cheese w/Peas Pie –  Price: $4.95

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Coconut Cream and Key Lime

Key Lime Pie –  Price: $4.95

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Coconut Cream Pie –  Price: $4.95

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

The same weekend that found me in Tacoma also had me exploring the Fremont area of Seattle. I spotted the signage for Pie on my way to the Fremont Sunday Market and I knew this would be my lunch destination. After exploring the wares at the market and successfully avoiding spoiling my lunch plans with tempting food cart food, I arrived at Pie. Their menu spanned all kinds of comfort foods in pie form.  Chicken pot pie, broccoli and cheese pie, peppered steak pie, English meat pie and mac and cheese with peas.  Craving mac and cheese from the day before, my choice was a no brainer. The warm pie was plucked from the warming cabinet and I was soon settled in for lunch. My first impression was that it was too cute to eat. Nicely browned pastry with a browned crumbled top. I cut the pie in half. It was full of cheesy noodles dotted with peas. The crust was flaky and not too over bearing.  The mac and cheese was moist but not runny and had a good full cheese taste.  It was a fabulous lunch on a very cold but sunny day.

They also have sweet pies and I could not leave without buying a couple to go. I picked a couple of our favorites, Key Lime and Coconut Cream to share with B. They survived the trip back to Vancouver and after the first bite of the coconut cream I wished I had bought even more. This was the creamiest, most “coconutiest” coconut cream pie we have ever had. The key lime was also great with a smooth tart finish. Pie is now definitely on our list for future Seattle dessert stops!


M –  Mac and Cheese, Key Lime, Coconut Cream

B – Key Lime, Coconut Cream

3515 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103
Tel: 206.436.8590

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Stink Meat and Cheese – The Stinker

The Food

Stink Meat and Cheese


The Stinker – Grilled peanut butter, blackberry preserves, bacon & blue cheese on multi-grain bread. Served with a small house salad (Mixed greens, seedless red grapes, bleu cheese, and honey roasted nuts tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.) Price: $9.00

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

On a cold but sunny Saturday in February I had some time to kill in Tacoma, so I spent the morning hunting through the antique and collectable stores along Tacoma’s Antique Row. I ended my exploring at the Modern Cottage Company, a store my sister had asked me to check out. The owner, Alison, had some great refinished furniture pieces. She also had a great lunch suggestion. Just around the corner was a small deli/restaurant called Stink Meat and Cheese.

The name might be off-putting for some but it was just the kind of place I couldn’t pass up. Their short menu consisted of sandwiches, fresh salads and some daily specialty items including mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was tempting but I went with one of the more unusual items on the menu, The Stinker sandwich. This grilled sandwich consisted of chunky peanut butter, blackberry preserves, bacon & blue cheese crumbles on multigrain bread. My first bite impression was “Why isn’t bacon on every peanut butter and jam sandwich?”. The bacon added a new layer of saltiness that complemented the sweetness of the blackberry preserves. The blue cheese taste was kind of lost in the sandwich but it was in full force in the fresh side salad. The light salad was well balanced in flavor and textures. The creaminess of the blue cheese was matched against the crunchiness of the nuts. The fresh bursts of sweetness from the grapes was a good contrast to the tang of the balsamic dressing. It was a great paring with the rich tasting Stinker sandwich.

So if you are shopping along Antique Row in Tacoma, walk a block up the hill on 7th Street to Stink Meat and Cheese. Refuel on a delicious and satisfying sandwich and then head back out for more adventures!


M –  The Stinker

Stink Meat and Cheese
628 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402
Tel: (253) 426-1347


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