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Stink Meat and Cheese


The Stinker – Grilled peanut butter, blackberry preserves, bacon & blue cheese on multi-grain bread. Served with a small house salad (Mixed greens, seedless red grapes, bleu cheese, and honey roasted nuts tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette.) Price: $9.00

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

On a cold but sunny Saturday in February I had some time to kill in Tacoma, so I spent the morning hunting through the antique and collectable stores along Tacoma’s Antique Row. I ended my exploring at the Modern Cottage Company, a store my sister had asked me to check out. The owner, Alison, had some great refinished furniture pieces. She also had a great lunch suggestion. Just around the corner was a small deli/restaurant called Stink Meat and Cheese.

The name might be off-putting for some but it was just the kind of place I couldn’t pass up. Their short menu consisted of sandwiches, fresh salads and some daily specialty items including mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was tempting but I went with one of the more unusual items on the menu, The Stinker sandwich. This grilled sandwich consisted of chunky peanut butter, blackberry preserves, bacon & blue cheese crumbles on multigrain bread. My first bite impression was “Why isn’t bacon on every peanut butter and jam sandwich?”. The bacon added a new layer of saltiness that complemented the sweetness of the blackberry preserves. The blue cheese taste was kind of lost in the sandwich but it was in full force in the fresh side salad. The light salad was well balanced in flavor and textures. The creaminess of the blue cheese was matched against the crunchiness of the nuts. The fresh bursts of sweetness from the grapes was a good contrast to the tang of the balsamic dressing. It was a great paring with the rich tasting Stinker sandwich.

So if you are shopping along Antique Row in Tacoma, walk a block up the hill on 7th Street to Stink Meat and Cheese. Refuel on a delicious and satisfying sandwich and then head back out for more adventures!


M –  The Stinker

Stink Meat and Cheese
628 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402
Tel: (253) 426-1347


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