The Food

** Update – We have heard rumors of the store that sells the Screamers to be now closed. We drove by recently, and it was in fact closed with a “for lease” sign on the door. The pizza place right beside it was owned by the same person, and it is still open for business, so we are not sure if there is a possibility for these to show back up again. We know they were very popular. We will keep an eye out to see if our favorite Screamers return, but for now we are on the lookout for a new favorite!

Ice cream and slushy. Good quality soft serve with well made “slurpee”.
Price $3.59 (large)

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

Late last year we went on a hunt for the best “Screamers” we could find. Screamers are essentially 2 ingredients, slushy and soft serve ice cream. So you would think that they would all be very similar, yet we found quite the opposite. We found that most places seemed to use what could possibly be an oil based product for their soft serve. It simply just didn’t taste right and from what we gathered they chose this for sake of price, as most places that used this type of soft serve had much larger sizes and lower prices. However, most places had similar slushy flavors and consistency.

However, one place stood out. Grab n Go Convenience pride themselves on using the highest quality of soft serve available…and with talking to the owner, he proudly told us was the same as Dairy Queen soft serve. They offer a range of slushy flavors and similar to most other places and a few of them are on constant rotation.

When purchasing your Screamer, they dispense the soft serve and you dispense your flavor (or multiples!) of slushy. They also ask where you would like your soft serve, on the bottom, middle or top and then you pour your slushy accordingly. We prefer our soft serve to be in the middle, so that it mixes in a little more with each sip and stir of your straw.

With the high quality of soft serve and mixing it in with your favorite flavor of slushy, you have the best possible “creamsicle” you could imagine!


B –  Rootbeer Screamer
M –  Orange Screamer

Grab n Go Convenience
102-14377 64 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3W 1T1
Tel: (604) 591-6525