The Food

Veggie Samosas
Possibly the best samosas we’ve ever had. Freshly fried, fresh ingredients. Evenly spiced.
Price: 2 for $1.00

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

Surrey, B.C. is known for it’s many Indian restaurants and sweet shops. Depending where you are in the city, you may have many options in the same city block. So it becomes important to have referrals on who has the best food as you couldn’t possibly try them all. A coworker insisted that this little sweet shop tucked in the corner of 152nd St. and Fraser Hwy had THE best samosas, so we had to go and try them.

The storefront is small and somewhat hard to distinguish where the actual entrance is, but we eventually found it. Upon entering the store, it looks and smells pretty much like any other Indian sweet shop with mounts of sweets piled up behind a glass display case and mountains of boxes all over the place.

The samosas are fried to order so it takes about 10 minutes for your order but it is worth the wait. While waiting for my order the owner of the store walked in the main entrance with a big tray of fresh veggies, including fresh cilantro. I knew these samosas were going to be good!

The samosas came in a little brown bag, which was helping soak up the excess oil from the frying (although they were by no means greasy at all). I tore open the bag, opened up the dipping sauce and tore a samosa in half to help it cool down. The samosas were a cripsy golden brown and the insides were fluffy and evenly spiced. Fresh cilantro complemented the indian spices nicely. The dipping sauce (most likely tamarind based) was your typical variety for samosas, however, it may have been a little bit on the sweeter side of most.


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Kwality Sweets & Restaurant
15166 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC, V3R3P1
Tel: (604) 583-0220

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