The Food

Salam’wich Over 35 layers of meat and cheese on a sourdough roll with lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard. (Can in picture for scale)
Price: $7.00

Rating: ★★★★★ 

The Review

If we said there was a place where the sandwiches were amazing yet cheap and while you were there the owner would tell you entertaining stories of a slightly inappropriate nature while he made your food and it was actually in the lower mainland of BC, you’d probably think we made it up. Well, we have been going to La Charcuterie Deli for many years now and finally decided to share it with the world.  La Charcuterie Deli, or for those in the know, The Sandwich Nazi, has been serving up the “World’s Best Sandwiches” for many years. He often sells out of his sandwich bread early and there is quite frequently a line-up out the door. I guess there’s no need to keep it a secret anymore! Originally with a location in Burnaby, he has since moved on to the Port Kells Industrial region of Surrey.

This location/clientele suits his business well as his sandwiches are extremely large and very reasonably priced. He offers up several different choices of  foot long rolls, such as Sourdough, Italian, Poppy-seed, and Focaccia. Many of the sandwiches that are on his menu are also named after his regular customers, such as:

  • The B.C. Ambulance (Smoked Turkey, Roast Beef, and Cheese)
  • B.C. Hydro (Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham, and Cheese)
  • Telus’wich (Ham, Turkey, and Cheese)

However there are several other sandwiches that you will have to ask the owner himself (Salam) how he came about the names:

  • The Horny Cow’wich (Mortadella, Hunter Sausage, and Cheese)
  • The Manwhore’wich (Roast Beef, Beer Sausage, and Cheese)
  • 911’wich (Capicollo, Salami, and Cheese)
  • Technicut’wich (Turkey and Smoke Beef)
  • Brokeback Mountain’wich (Garlic Ham, Montreal Smoked Meat, and Pepper Cheese)
  • and the famous Salam’wich (whatever he wants to put in your buns).

Entering into his place of establishment is not for the faint at heart, he actually has warning signs on his door that warns of  “Course Language and Nudity”.  This is not an exaggeration, as I have personally seen both, many times. It may or may not be a place to bring the family, depending on age and humour levels.  That being said, we have seen little old ladies there that don’t mind the fun.  Salam is there to entertain and have a good time.

One thing to be prepared for however, is you don’t always get what you order. He does usually ask what kind of bread you want and if you want lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo, and even hot sauce. But sometimes while he is telling one of his stories, he just keeps slicing and slicing and slicing and slicing and in the end puts whatever he is slicing onto your sandwich. If this is not for you, if you politely ask, he will make what you want.  Most people don’t mind as the sandwiches are delicious anyway he slices it.

Besides the price,  the size, and the entertainment he provides while making the sandwiches, one of the best reasons to go is how he prepares the sandwiches. Every slice of meat, cheese, tomato are freshly sliced while he is making your sandwich. There is no trough of pre-sliced meat here. If you don’t think it makes any difference, then you haven’t tried one of his sandwiches. As both he and I will tell you, it takes the sandwich to a whole new level.

Salam is truly a nice person. He absolutely loves what he does and he loves his customers.  This shows in the quality of his product and the time he spends with his customers. This also means it is not a place to get a “fast” sandwich. During the lunch rush, the place can be lined up out the door though once you can get inside, you could probably get in and out within 10 or so minutes.

There are many other great things to read and purchase for while you are at La Charcuterie Deli, including a huge amount of other deli related foods. The only thing to remember is to bring cash as he doesn’t accept other forms of payment, and at the prices he is charging, remember to put a little in his tip jar! So if you would like to hear lots of interesting stories and have one of the best sandwiches you will ever have, then this is the place for you. If you are the type to be easily offended, I would pass on this place.


B –  Salam’wich

La Charcuterie Delicatessen
19080 96 Ave, Surrey, BC
Tel: (604) 882-0881

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