The Food

Those Little Donuts
Price: 2 bags of 13 donuts for $5

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

No trip to the Pacific National Exhibition is complete without a bag (or three! or six!) of Those Little Donuts, a tradition of the yearly fair since 1968! The donuts are made fresh, flipping out of the oil and immediately corralled into the cinnamon and sugar mixture while you wait.  The donuts are hot when they are handed to you and they melt in your mouth. Note: The donuts in the above picture tragically cooled while trying to get a good shot. Still tasty though!

While the two booths (concession trailers) have 8 machines constantly pumping out those sweet golden rings, the line ups for the donuts can get crazy at peak times.  Can’t wait for next year’s fair and more of Those Little Donuts!

A side note, in 1997 the owner of Those Little Donuts decided to produce a healthier donut for his customers. Without any government policy and much before the trend, they made the switch over to non- trans-fat, non-cholesterol, and is “low in saturated fat” Canola Harvest Hilo canola oil. Not one customer complained or noticed the difference, including me!


M – Those Little Donuts (two bags)

B – Those Little Donuts (two bags)

The Fair at the Pacific National Exhibition (The PNE)
2901 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 5J1
Tel: (604) 253-2311