The Food

Lamb Gyro – Grilled lamb shwarama served in a Greek pita w/ tzatziki, onion, parsley & tomato (tabouleh), and feta cheese
Price: $5.50

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

When you are doing a food tour, you sometimes worry that you might not be as excited by food that you are tasting at the end of the day even though you might have thought it fabulous if you ate it first thing. By the time we got to Aybla grill to have their lamb gyro, we had already eaten a LOT of food. Yet this lamb gyro might be the best gyro/shwarama/donair we have ever had.

The gyro was stuffed with lots of well spiced ground lamb cut off the spit, fresh tabouleh, garlicky tzatziki and the feta was worth every bit of the extra 50 cents. The pita was soft and chewy and the whole thing didn’t get too sloppy. This is definitely on our must eat again list!

The Aybla Grill has 3 locations: 925 SW Alder, SW 5th and Oak and the one we ate at, 4290 SE Belmont (Good Food Here pod).


B –  Lamb Gyro
M –  Lamb Gyro
S –  Lamb Gyro
G –  Lamb Gyro

Aybla Grill
4290 SE Belmont, Portland, OR
Tel: (503) 490-3387

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