The Food

Donuts – Various varieties available.
Price: $10.99/dozen or $5.99/half dozen (individual prices vary)

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The Review

We couldn’t leave you hanging for too long, so the first post of the year is about those lovely donuts adorning our New Year’s post. Although we are based in Metro Vancouver, this blog spans the Pacific Northwest on both sides of the border. Being frequent border hoppers, it has become a great money saver to get items shipped to a mailbox south of the border. Conveniently, there is a fantastic bakery (and a café that will be reviewed at a later date) in the same strip mall as our mailbox.

Doris Jean’s Bakery (formally Doris Jean’s Donuts) is a small, friendly, family run Italian bakery in the prominently Dutch community of Lynden, Wa. Their donut selection hits all the favourites: cake donuts, raised donuts, boston creams (Bismarcks), fritters, filled, sugared, powdered…you get the idea. If you are Canadian, please know that these are not the sad, small, prefrozen, donuts Tim Horton’s have been imposing on us across the country (and some of the US) for around the last decade. At Doris Jean’s, the donuts are large, fresh, moist and tender. Filled donuts are heavy and expect to struggle to not to end up with raspberry or cream filling  on your shirt.

Since they switched from a donut shop to an Italian bakery they have expanded to include cannolis, lasagna, subs, and a full line of bakery items. Although they are billed as an Italian bakery, they are still in a Dutch community so they had Oliebollen (dutch doughnuts) available for the Christmas season.

If you are in the Lynden area, stop in for a treat, and let them know where you are coming from, they get a kick out of us Canadians coming down for donuts!



B –  Various Donuts
M –  Various Donuts

Doris Jean Bakery
1724 Front Street, Lynden, WA 98264
Tel: 360-318-1200

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